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    If you do not want to use the ready-made application form, you are welcome to send us a conventional e-mail.

    Throughout our corporate culture you will find:

    A distinctive, co-operative atmosphere with flat hierarchies

    Great customers – exciting projects – in a dynamic and attractive industry

    The possibility of a company pension scheme

    Various team building events to strengthen the team community

    AVABIS as an employer

    AVABIS GmbH attaches huge importance to working atmospheres in which our staff can actively shape their working environment and personal development.
    After all, the success of each IT project strongly depends on the sense of responsibility and the motivation of those who are involved.

    Therefore, AVABIS also focuses on targeted training and further development for its staff from the very beginning. For this purpose, we use, for example, our virtual AVABIS campus for internally transferring expertise.
    It is a member of the Arbeitskreis für Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung [Working Group for Software Quality and Training] (ASQF), supporting knowledge transfer between software developers and quality managers from science and industry. Almost all staff, for example, from the software testing department are certified specialists in accordance with the ISTQB certification scheme.

    We value personality

    Do you love your field of work and are passionate about it? We appreciate that and are enthusiastic about it. Find out here what other soft skills you can use to win us over:

    Sense of responsibility

    A sense of responsibility is a central lever for long-lasting success, for both our customers and staff. We are grateful for the trust that our customers place in us. Thanks to our reliable, fast and uncomplicated approach. Our staff reliably and appropriately contribute their skills to projects. Our customers greatly appreciate this dependability.

    Therefore, we attach huge importance to the following qualities:
    • Commitment
    • Reliability
    • Sincerity
    • Respect

    Team spirit

    Team spirit is important to us, because together we are stronger. Our co-operation is characterised by mutual support, guidance and coaching. We support each other in dealing with new topics and technologies, and encourage career entrants to work successfully as a team. Motivated and committed staff are the foundation of our ability to both innovate and compete. To respond to changes relatively quickly, a well-functioning team is essential. For this reason, we attach huge importance to communicative co-operation in which our staff exchange information and keep each other in check. We hugely appreciate it when they confidently incorporate their own ideas, because they believe in them, and yet are open to accepting compromises if beneficial to the project as a whole.

    Important values here are:
    • Co-operation instead of competitiveness
    • Constant exchange and adjustments
    • Honest feedback instead of evaluations

    Customer orientation

    AVABIS works closely and personally with its customers to deliver the best service possible, and meet their expectations profitably. We devote our lives to building long-term, stable and economic relationships with our customers, and have thus earned our customers’ trust over the years.
    Thanks to our structures within the company and the short information and decision-making channels, we are faster and more customer-orientated than some large companies. We work with a particularly high level of enthusiasm, and take care of every customer and project with huge zeal.

    Your qualifications, experience and achievements will win us over