Partners in software quality

We are an effective partner for IT quality assurance – we competently support customer projects throughout all project phases.

AVABIS – An effective partner for software quality

We focus on software testing and software development.

Over the past 10+ years, AVABIS has gained first-class expertise, an extensive network and vast experience in both the areas mentioned previously and in temporary project support via qualified IT experts.

We use our potential and technical knowledge sustainably and strategically to help our customers.

Long-term co-operation and trust of our customers in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • E-health
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and logistics

Along with successful commitment from our staff, these form the basis for the increasing expansion of AVABIS.

We are located in Germany, central Europe, so not far from our European customers. Our headquarters are in Dortmund, branch office is in Berlin, and our SoftwareLab is in Oberhausen as well as other project locations.

AVABIS SoftwareLab

Our AVABIS SoftwareLab is a perfect alternative to on-site project support. Here, we develop new features, specific test tools and test automation for our customers until they are ready for use. This way, we provide customer-orientated solutions and software quality throughout the entire application lifecycle.

The right expert in the right place at the right time

We are also constantly growing and expanding our company. We prefer to recruit new colleagues through our own network. In doing so, we rely on proven and fast processes.

Through our close co-operation with nationwide and regional partners, we have broad access to highly-qualified experts with experience in a wide range of industries. In this way, we can also deploy IT specialists at short notice who are a perfect fit for your project, and implement this using current and proven methods.

Quality standards lie at the heart of our corporate philosophy

Our quality standards are based on trust and long-term co-operation with our customers and staff.

After all, the success of each IT project depends on both the technical expertise and sense of responsibility and motivation of everyone involved. Therefore, we attach huge importance to our working atmosphere, in which our staff, for example, can actively shape their working environment and personal development.

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