Providing IT quality

Software development


AVABIS is an effective partner in developing and validating modern, high-performance software. We develop non-sector-specific customised and scalable software for sustainable business processes. Our tried and tested team is the basis for successful IT projects.

Development and implementation

Software requirements in terms of complexity and quality are rapidly growing. Development times up to market readiness also need to be both as short as possible and cost-effective. To implement this, we have a staff team with a wide range and depth of knowledge and skills available for any tasks. Our staff are always up to date, thanks to continuous training in current and future market-relevant technology and process topics.

We develop new applications, create modern user interfaces, and implement interfaces with modern programming languages, frameworks and tools.

Thanks to our expertise, we also deliver systems or applications as turnkey solutions. We implement your requirements quickly, precisely and on budget.

Avabis Software test

Embedded systems

We have expertise in software development for embedded systems. How can we help?

AVABIS an effective partner as regards everything from creating high-quality user interfaces to solving connectivity problems.

We deliver high-quality embedded software solutions throughout a wide range of segments, including medical science, industry, science, agritech and aerospace.

Embedded systems consist of three components:

  • Hardware
  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Application software
All this must be absolutely reliable, because device or equipment errors can be devastating for larger systems. Our staff take care of these technologies and provide support for all specific development and testing issues.
Avabis Embedded Testing