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Specialized in software testing and software development


AVABIS – partners in software quality

We are a medium-sized consultancy company specialising in the areas of software testing and software development.

Implementing software projects is becoming more and more challenging, because systems are constantly becoming more and more complex within a very dynamic environment, and projects are becoming shorter and shorter.

Our consultants always work hard to improve the quality of your software, both project-related on-site and in our SoftwareLab in Oberhausen, Germany.

We provide the following services

Avabis SoftwareLab

Current case studies

Avabis Digital entry registration

Digital entry registration

Anyone entering Germany from an international COVID-19 risk area must register digitally before entering the country. We are currently supporting the “Digital Entry Registration” platform that has been set up for this purpose within the area of quality assurance.

Avabis SoftwareLab Oberhausen

Our SoftwareLab in Oberhausen

In our SoftwareLab in Oberhausen, Germany, we are currently developing and testing interfaces that will securely connect the largest UK car manufacturer with the world’s largest streaming provider. The support that we provide in eliminating possible flaws keeps both customers and drivers in good spirits.

Avabis Solutions for retailers

Solutions for retailers

We are also developing on-site solutions for global wholesale and retail chains, for transforming operational data into real business intelligence, so that processes are visible within logistics, and can be adjusted to market changes.

Avabis Security

Our vision – IT security product

In spring 2020, we founded a new department within our SoftwareLab. This department is devoted to our new IT security product. Since then, the software for our future service has been developed here – from new ideas, with increasing enthusiasm for our finished products.
Incidentally, we are still looking for new colleagues to join our team. More…